If you have read about us on our 'about' page you will know we are going to introduce you to 'our designers and makers' over the coming months.

We welcome first Alexandra Parkinson, a talented silversmith who decided last year to 'go it alone', which was just perfect for us.  Alexandra's first range designed especially for Ellie Lane is the stunning and timeless, hallmarked sterling silver hoop earrings.

Described by Claudia Winkleman as 'the perfect jewellery item'. (www.thetimes.co.uk, style magazine 5th November 2017), our hoops are not only current and 'failsafe' but substantive and of course made in the UK.

If you love our hoops as much as we do and wish to make a purchase, please enter the code, ellielane10 at the checkout and 10% will be deducted from the list price.  Postage is included. 

As Claudia says, ...'hoops are no longer, just well, hoops.'!

Kindest regards,

Ellie Lane x