The Soap Bar

At some time, we have all forgotten about the soap bar or perhaps you have never been introduced to a simple bar of soap? Soap historically has been associated with causing skin irritations and dryness but in an era when skin allergies and skin reactions affect so many people is soap worth a reconsideration? Whatever you want to see in a soap, whatever the colour, whatever the oils there is so much choice available. Our soap is a 'no frills bar' with just the most skin kind organic oils I could source, no added perfume, colour, animal derivatives or preservatives and carefully handmade exclusively in small quantities in Devon. Soap dishes too come in all different sizes and materials, whether your choice is metal, wood, pottery, stone or a traditional fine bone china soap dish such as ours, the options are extensive.  The Daily Mail, 7th February 2018 in 'break the plastic habit', described a soap sitting on a soap dish as 'delightfully retro'. Whatever your taste, time to reconsider soap.

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