About Ellie Lane

Hello 😊

...and welcome to Ellie Lane. From our delicate porcelain rose stud earrings, our hall marked sterling silver hoops, our exclusive natural organic soap and fine bone china soap dishes, our products are through and through British, designed and made especially for Ellie Lane in the UK.

All the 'designers and makers' whose beautiful products can be seen here, share the same inspiring qualities of personal expertise, attention to detail and satisfaction only when perfection has been achieved.  

I am often asked where 'Ellie Lane' began. The answer is at a life changing 'soap making' day with Sarah Harper at the 'Clovelly Soap Company' in the beautiful village of Clovelly in North Devon where I grew up. From this rather humble day, I now find my self in the privileged position of working with new ranges and new ideas, with our 1st notebook well under well.

For me this has been very much a personal journey with all the ups and downs a journey inevitable takes you along but what I have learnt along the way is this is not just about the products but so much more about the 'people behind the products'. 

I have been honoured to have met some of the most talented and professional people who have 'designed and made' especially for us here in the UK.  It is a privilege to be working with such amazing people.

We hope you will love our first personally chosen range of products as much as we do and we are looking forward to bringing on board some new products, British made of course in the future.

Kindest regards

Ellie Lane x