Product Care


If you are considering purchasing our beautiful jewellery, please can we ask you take the time to read some care suggestions so your item stays in tip top condition for a long time.

Please keep your jewellery away from direct sunlight.

Please remove your jewellery if required as exposure to substances like skincream, hair products and household cleaning products, can be detrimental to the visual appearance and durability of your jewellery.

Please remove your jewellery before swimming or at any other time where the jewellery may come into contact with harsh chemicals.

Please store each piece of jewellery separately to avoid unwanted contact which may damage the items.

Please do not use a specialist liquid cleaner on our jewellery.  A gentle clean with a soft cloth should suffice for our porcelain earrings if needed. With the best will in the world silver will tarnish a little. In these circumstances please use a specialist cloth for silver cleaning.  A careful rub will restore as good as new.

Please note that Ellie Lane offers advice only and we are in no way responsible for the care or damage of your items once purchased from Ellie Lane

Soap dish

Please do not risk spoiling our lovely soap dish by putting it in the dish washer. Just a rinse with a little soap, ours of course, should suffice.


Soap will go soggy if left in water so please ensure it is not sitting in water.  We have found a good way of protecting the soap bar is to prop it up a little in the soap dish while it dries.

If not in use, please store in a cool, dry place as warmth such as a warm airing cupboard may cause the oils to spoil over a period of time.

As with any similar product, please do no use the soap near the immediate eye area and if any irritation occurs please stop using immediately